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Domond Transportation

We specialize in Refrigeration services

Domond Transportation

We specialize in on-time Refrigeration services

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About Our Company

Domond Transportation

Domond Transportation is a company that will strive to excel in the business of contracting for interstate or intrastate transport of common commodities utilizing temperature-controlled equipment designed to ensure complete client satisfaction. What makes Domond Transportation different and special is that Domond will offer fast and efficient services designed to reduce the number of undelivered loads through flexibility in movement and cost-effective operations.

Company History

Domond Transportation is proud of the accomplishments of the people that have made up this company. Domond is particularly proud of the fact that we have a jump start in the trucking industry by already having corporate relationships with multiple Fortune 500 companies. We offer a wide range of logistic services and are in a unique position to build solid partnerships with major corporations such as Walmart, Costco, Pepsi, etc. The company is also proud of the fact that we possess a dedicated management team that demonstrates honesty, integrity and professionalism in all aspects of operations. All of our associates are carefully prescreened to ensure the highest standard of quality and we consistently provide a superior level of service designed to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Domond Transportation is proud of its main product line and the features and benefits that make up its attractiveness to this ever-growing market. The main features and benefits of its core products to its customers include that we provide courteous, prompt, and dependable service that will benefit all parties involved, thus building a solid reputation in the industry. Some of the strengths and capabilities of its core products as it pertains to shelf life, durability, and availability include that we have over 20 drivers with 10 years or more of industry experience. We have our own in-house maintenance department to reduce maintenance costs on our company-owned fleet and trailers. We have several corporate relationships with major retailers along with an excellent safety program for new hires. 

Refrigeration Services

Domond Transportation, LLC is equipped with the technology and trailers to help plan your refrigerated delivery in the most economical and quickest transit time possible. We believe in passing a worry-free business model on to our customer and arranging your freight according to your exact specifications and standards of care.

• Ship in trucks designed to properly refrigerate your shipment
• Minimize or eliminate product loss
• Minimize economic losses and reduce operating expenses
• Quickly deliver perishable products to reduce costly dock, storage, and shelf time
• Provide temperature-controlled warehousing and consolidation services when necessary
• Reduce loading and unloading delays
• Provide specialized handling, when needed
• Prevent health and food-safety violations and fines