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Domond Transportation Is a family owned and operated company.

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About Our Company

Domond Transportation

Domond Transportation is a company that will strive to excel in the business of contracting for interstate or intrastate transport of common commodities utilizing temperature-controlled equipment designed to ensure complete client satisfaction. What makes Domond Transportation different and special is that Domond will offer fast and efficient services designed to reduce the number of undelivered loads through flexibility in movement and cost-effective operations.


Domond Transportation has positioned itself in a way to take full advantage of all the technology available for its particular industry. Management has determined that when necessary that state of the art software and appropriate hardware will be implemented to assist all drivers in gaining maximum productivity.



Management is the core and nucleus of any organization. It’s not just personnel and individuals’ resumes but so much more that encompasses vision, talent, harmony, beliefs, and commitment.

Domond Transportation has done an exhaustive study of the state of its industry. This industry is one of the most exciting industries in the United States. It presents an ever-increasing market, a very healthy bottom line, and excellent opportunities for growth. The outside world demands a dependable and efficient trucking company that provides reliable hauling services at affordable prices. Domond has all this to offer and its management team will keep its finger on the pulse of market demands.


Domond Transportation recognizes that in any growing company often times management personnel have to wear more than one hat. As a result, often times a gap or gaps may exist until the company is developed enough to have a specific person for every task required. Domond currently has everything covered and feels very confident that each task is assigned to a very competent member of its management team. The company will always be sensitive to this issue and prevent any weakness by having and planning a contingency program that overlaps job responsibilities.