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Our Services

Refrigeration Services

Domond Transportation, LLC is equipped with the technology and trailers to help plan your refrigerated delivery in the most economical and quickest transit time possible. We believe in passing a worry-free business model on to our customer and arranging your freight according to your exact specifications and standards of care.

• Ship in trucks designed to properly refrigerate your shipment
• Minimize or eliminate product loss
• Minimize economic losses and reduce operating expenses
• Quickly deliver perishable products to reduce costly dock, storage, and shelf time
• Provide temperature-controlled warehousing and consolidation services when necessary
• Reduce loading and unloading delays
• Provide specialized handling, when needed
• Prevent health and food-safety violations and fines

Returning an Item to the Sender

We return the item to the sender upon request of the sender or recipient.


“Attention – Fragile!â€Â

We offer labeling of postal items with “Attention – Fragile!†label indicating that these items request special attention during transportation

Bulky Cargo

In the EU, we also offer shipment of bulky cargo, pallets, where the sum of length, width, and depth exceeds 2.1 m.

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Processing of Documents

We provide the recipient with the possibility to pay for the goods in cash or using a payment card at the time of delivery


Domond Transportation pays its customers indemnity amounting to the entire insurance amount if the item is lost or completely damaged with signs of damage on the packaging. 

We Provide you best services

An item can be accompanied by documents, which we ask the customer to sign and deliver back to the sender. We will deliver the documents to be received at your convenience – every day, once a week, twice a month or once a month